HTC Magic an individual friendly and innovative invention

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With the continuous growing demands of persons the mobile companies are discovering a tough competition on the market. Individuals are having ample brands and models available. The value, quality along with the applications will be the three different attributes which people mostly expect for their handsets. With the amount companies developing new models at cheap price the HTC is additionally not lagging behind.The recently launched handset HTC magic is usually a thrill for your users plus a tons of competition to your other brands. This model is simple to use and is economical to its applications.

The salient top features of this handset that sets it aside from the other models are:

The most amazing feature of the mobile is the android power system. This android technology could be the much awaited feature because it provides for a large amount of applications to work on.The elegant looking handset has an appealing look as a result of variant shades on the model. The black adds an elegant touch to the handset although the handset is giving a fairly easy sleek turn to the mobile.The touchscreen technology lovers will discover this handset as an amazing experience. The TFT touch-screen with 3.Two inches dimension helps make the users feel thrilled with the mobile.

Along together with the touch screen the option for smart dialer provides it with an even more easy to use touch. Individuals who think it is difficult type numbers because of the touchscreen technology can elect to dial with this smart dialer application.One can possibly dial either numbers or may even decide to type by searching while using opening letters for recipients.The connectivity popular features of the HTC Magic are responsible for people feel far more convenient to deal with (Read more...)

LG Optimus Black is sold with Great Screen and Superb Multi Media Functions

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The Optimus Black is just about the latest editions to LG’s ever more popular Optimus array of Android smartphones. Although initial rumours had speculated which the device will be running with a dual core CPU the Optimus Black will instead have a speedy single core 1GHz processor. Even though some people saw this for a disappointment the 2 main main highlights in the Optimus Black cause it to arguably a much more tantalising smartphone than its dual core 2X sibling.

The a pair of things that single the Optimus Black out like a phone of particular interest are it has the brightest phone screen available which is among the slimmest phones currently available. At 9.2mm the Optimus Black is slimmer even as opposed to apple iphone 4, which currently take particular pride in wanting to bo earth’s Thinnest Smartphone.

With a 4″ WVGA IPS LCD screen the Optimus Black has the ability to present an unparalleled level of brightness due to presence of LG’s new NOVA screen technology. This could certainly provide as much as 700 nits of brightness and helps make the Optimus Black the single most vibrant phones around. This really is great news for showing off the Android operating system agreeable, and also the Froyo Android are going to be updateable to Gingerbread inside future.
LG in addition included its Optimus UI using this type of phone that’s a real joy to work with and provides the right web 2 . 0 support. You can actually get onto networks like Twitter and facebook this also integration also permits you to quickly upload pics and vids captured on the phone’s 5mp camera. Including an LED flash, geo-tagging many other highlights and as well is included with 720p video recording. The Optimus Black also includes among (Read more...)

A lot better than Most Mobiles Available – The Htc desire mobile phone HD

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I believe which you have read about the newest iPhone 4, but they are you’ll acquainted with the HTC Desire HD? Otherwise, then i want to educate you on this magnificent high tech cell phone.

The Device HD is usually a cellular phone that will that you do more with it. Yes, it is not such as the most described Apple iPhone 4, nevertheless it has the ability better than famous phones which have been now out there today. You may be given unforgettable mobile exposure to this phone.

Now, the Htc desire handset HD offers an inside storage of a.5 GB. Most mobile phones on the market are simply just furnished with 768 MB RAM only. Plus, in case you convey a micro Sdcard, you may have as much as 32 GB worth of hard drive.

Browsing and surfing the world wide web is made easier using this type of phone. You may reach a speed as much as 7.2 Mbps when using the its HSDPA in places where 3G access is accessible. Also, it is equipped with Wi-Fi; this then will give you faster net connection option. You’ll find it comes with a choice to connect in your mobile network’s GPRS and EDGE connectivity features. If you wish to connect this phone with gadgets, this incorporates a micro USB slot and Bluetooth with regard to access.

The HTC Desire HD will help you enjoy videos in greater comfort. It provides a bigger touchscreen technology with a measurements 4.3 inch and 480 by 800 wide. And you may view videos and flicks in High-definition format through the help of your micro SD card. Streaming and watching your selected YouTube videos certainly will not often be a problem anymore using this phone. You may also easily upload your videos online in breeze once you’re done recording it.

The phone is equipped with 8MP photographic (Read more...)

HeroG3 Speed Windows Mobile 6.5 WiFi GPS Cell phone with 5.0MP Camera

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5.0 MP camera, track ball, The Hero G3 Speed Smartphone is definitely the upgrade version in the Hero G3 AP Version. Having adopted Qualcomm CPU and windows mobile 6.5 operation system, HeroG3 Speed can be a wonderful phone that may support a huge number of computer software download and make certain them operating smoothly. And it is the first smart phone to look at Window Mobile and Android mobile phone Dual Interface that will enable you to have great fascination. G3 can also be support wifi high-speed you can restrict sufficient reason for built-in GPS?that may adds more enjoyable to your life. By introducing original Track Ball, commemorate your operation more sensitive and accurate. Hero G3 Speed also shows brilliant performance in entertainment. Ought to reconsider MP4 hard decoding chip built-in, it can compete with high-end MP3 or MP4 Player. Its built-in sirf star III Gps system chip that supports electronic Dog function, then finito, no more worry on trip.

Here may be the Schedule Information of this Hero G3 Speed multifunction smart mobile:


. Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional OS. Windows mobile and Google Android Dual Interface. Original Panasonnic Track Ball. 3.2″320*480px HVGA screen. CPU 533Mhz. 5.0 MP Camera, auto focus, flashlight. Built-in sirf star III Gps system chip. WiFi High-speed surfing online


. Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz. Computer: Windows Mobile 6.5. Language: English, French, German, Greek, Finnish, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean. LCD Size: HVGA 320*480px, 3.2″screen. (Read more...)

For you to Choose An Android Phone over An apple iphone

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The touch screen phone marketplace is not iphone’s world anymore. Android has become one on the strongest rivals of Apple within the mobile phone market. And here’s why should you choose an Android phone over an apple iphone.

More Options

It’s factual that ios painless to make use of. You may pick-up any iPhone and quickly, easily understand what is happening. With android phones, you could face different possible home pages and ways of doing things from those home screens. But that’s the best thing about android, you’ve more options within the smart phone market, you may be style of unique, though not absolutely unique. Due to the openness, you are able to choose different android phones with some other brands, different sizes, different designs and many others.

Multiple tasking and notification system

iPhone finally acquire some multiple tasking in iOS4 and still not quite as true by multitasking as Android users enjoy. iPhone’s modal notification product is particularly user un-friendly, designed for a computer device as friendly as being the iPhone. You have to act over a notification, and you may only see one notification at any given time before the next one dismisses the last one entirely. Android’s brilliant pull-down window shade notification tray, conversely, is actually a beautiful thing that can make any iPhone owner jealous.

Voice to text

With android phones, the majority of the text field could be operated by voice, and it works surprisingly well. You possibly can answer your email by voice or you can send sms by voice, or interact with your editor’s IMs as long as you’re at a graduation ceremony, and so on. But iOS doesn’t support (Read more...)

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