Amadeus Consulting Discusses Cross Platform App Development: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7

June 7, 2014 · Filed Under Android Tablet · Comment 

As a mobile app development company, we help companies and entrepreneurs generate a wide array of Smartphone apps. One question i am often asked is concerning cross platform development, or porting an app in one platform to an alternative platform.

The term “porting” signifies portability of software in one platform to a new, or how easy it can be to adapt a course to operate for a different platform. Applications are considered portable as soon as the valuation on porting it completely to another platform is leaner compared to price of developing it completely from scratch. The low the buying price of porting the program with regards to its implementation costs, the greater portable it is actually.

Apps commonly are not regarded as being very portable. But there are many aspects of cross platform development which will help save your time and cash on the multi-platform application.

Saving Money on Cross Platform Development

Unfortunately the 4 major platforms – iPhone?, BlackBerry?, Android? and Windows? Phone 7 – all use unique programming languages which might be largely incompatible while using the other platforms. There are many rare exceptions, but mostly, apps usually are not very portable.

In addition to true portability, there are plenty of things that you can use to help reduce the price of launching an app using a new platform.

Plan Ahead for Cross Platform App Development: Let your developer know up-front when you plan to inflate to multiple platforms, and which platforms you need to use. Repeat Successes: Makes use of the same developer or development team while you expand to every single new platform. Even though code cannot be reused, logic often remains somewhat consistent between your (Read more...)