The Mobile Phone App Market Is growing

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Just like a mobster with zero indiscretion, mobile apps have muscled their way into our lives. Users are spending as often or higher amount of front of these cellular phones as is also in front of their browsers, plus some corners, mobile apps have even been the new Web. From information on weather, currency markets quotes, silly games, to even location-based social networking and GPS Tracking, these mobile apps are coming up with a market industry all alone – plus a big one, at that.Figures show that over half several apps are downloaded every hour, as well as on average, every Smartphone user has 22 mobile apps loaded onto their mobile device, this from market that did not exist 2 years ago. A Burrell Associate’s report published recently forecasted the spending on ads delivered by Mobile apps will jump from $305M this year to $685M pick up. By 2015, that same figure might be a whopping 1 dollar.2B. The report also estimates the variety of cellphone users that is able to receive these ads will triple from in five users to 3 in five users.GTX Corp (GTXO) is leveraging the smartphone app market in a big way.Recently this company launched a real-time live Tracking App with the iPhone, BB and Android platform. The new app is not just a tracker; it is really an interactive friend-finder, child-locator, and social planner, among several unique features. The Tracking App is a component from the company’s web-based service while offering cross-platform, real-time GPS tracking of friends and family, kids and co-workers. This new Tracking app would be the company’s next blockbuster because it already hit the number 30 spot its 5th day available and is now the Company’s second purchased App to the charts. GTX Corp has additionally a free app (Read more...)


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GPS Tracking Apps prevent you attached to everyone, everywhere.

Los Angeles, CA September 28, 2010 (GLOBENEWSWIRE)–GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO.OB) business unit LOCiMOBILE, Inc. is launching a series of GPS and private location – based “apps” and web services solidifying its leadership position inside mobile LBS market, which mobile carriers are calling “Pure Gold”.

The new apps all employ a GPS component and are made to add the “where is” aspect to functionality. A block-buster, the Company launched to the Android market?Phone Tracking ? for those who lose or misplace your phone. In excess of 70 million phones are reported lost or stolen the united states on a yearly basis but as you move the diminished a mobile phone could be annoying the loss of personal and business data may very well be devastating. This $4.99 app was designed to operate in the setting and may be activated to transform on remotely in the event you misplace your phone. The real-time tracking and recovery feature is activated by either texting your phone or at the business viewing portal? The cool part is that this app can be activated remotely by texting your phone a PIN or password. Upon delivery of the password your phone will commence sending its location coordinates to the web page every minute or the product you’re texting from, after each text request.

The organization is also on the verge of launch a new live tracking version of popular Tracking App which will be employed in the history on Apples 4.0 OS. Live Tracking ? already available on?Android and?BB will likely be area of the web-based service and provides cross-platform, real-time GPS tracking of friends and family, kids and (Read more...)

GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO) Introduces More Apps

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GTX Corp., a market leader in embedded real-time GPS Tracking Personal Location based Services (PLS) and?well known due to its game changing patented micro GPS device inside of a shoe, its patented GPS Smart Shoe as well as it block buster phone GPS Tracking App, that has been recently featured within the numerous trade publications like Chicago Business Journal and has now held it’s place in the iTunes top grossing and top download charts consistently over the past 8 months.

The company announced today it really is launching a number of GPS and personal location-based apps and web services.?The Smart Shoe maker is clearly extending its lead over its competitors within the mobile GPS market by launching 3 new GPS and LBS apps. The product Tracking app launched about the Android is usually a stunning program that can track down your phone when you misplace or lose your device.The approval could answer an evergrowing problem in the U.S., where 70M phones are reportedly lost or stolen annually. Cleaning soap be one particular 70 million along with this new app, simply text your lost phone that has a password or PIN whilst your phone will automatically text back it’s location and reporting its location every 1 minute, now that’s cool technology.

The following app awarded with a rich pool of GTX Corp’s portfolio stands out as the Live Tracking apps compatible with Apple’s 4.0 computer. The applying is definitely intended for Android and Blackberry and definitely will further expand yourrrre able to send client base in the iPhone app market.

Another sensational app that is certainly scheduled for release recently is “GPS Camera” which enables users to automatically stamp information of when and where the (Read more...)