The Mobile Phone App Market Is growing

March 29, 2013 · Filed Under Android Tablet · Comment 

Just like a mobster with zero indiscretion, mobile apps have muscled their way into our lives. Users are spending as often or higher amount of front of these cellular phones as is also in front of their browsers, plus some corners, mobile apps have even been the new Web. From information on weather, currency markets quotes, silly games, to even location-based social networking and GPS Tracking, these mobile apps are coming up with a market industry all alone – plus a big one, at that.Figures show that over half several apps are downloaded every hour, as well as on average, every Smartphone user has 22 mobile apps loaded onto their mobile device, this from market that did not exist 2 years ago. A Burrell Associate’s report published recently forecasted the spending on ads delivered by Mobile apps will jump from $305M this year to $685M pick up. By 2015, that same figure might be a whopping 1 dollar.2B. The report also estimates the variety of cellphone users that is able to receive these ads will triple from in five users to 3 in five users.GTX Corp (GTXO) is leveraging the smartphone app market in a big way.Recently this company launched a real-time live Tracking App with the iPhone, BB and Android platform. The new app is not just a tracker; it is really an interactive friend-finder, child-locator, and social planner, among several unique features. The Tracking App is a component from the company’s web-based service while offering cross-platform, real-time GPS tracking of friends and family, kids and co-workers. This new Tracking app would be the company’s next blockbuster because it already hit the number 30 spot its 5th day available and is now the Company’s second purchased App to the charts. GTX Corp has additionally a free app (Read more...)