WebOS vs Android

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Many early adopters of smartphone technology were blown away by the Palm Pre; it absolutely was a showcase of smartphone technology, and plenty of of such same early adopters lauded its crisp feel and stylish presentation.

Fast to the present: Android and iPhone now dominate the smartphone arena, and webOS continues to be lagging behind because arena somewhat severely. HP’s new TouchPad, however, is often a tablet using a whole new, revamped version of webOS that offers to be a true contender towards Android operating-system. Is webOS a viable contender to Android from the tablet arena?

For by far the most part – yes! The webOS interface is rather slick and smooth, and it has the identical responsiveness how the Palm Pre did those years back. Most of the circumstances the previous webOS versions had, like unstable multitasking, are already rectified just for this latest incarnation of the operating system.

The main system also feels very optimized for your tablet form factor, a difficulty that is constantly plague Android tablets running 2.A couple of.2 (though, to be fair, Google has stated those Android versions usually are not meant for tablet use). It does, however, fare perfectly against Honeycomb, Google’s own Android version designed for tablets; the 2 operating systems are usually more or less neck and neck with regards to speed, feel beneficial, and overall usability.
Where webOS will have a problem, however, will be the range of apps intended for the working platform. Android’s app catalog blows away webOS’ app catalog; now count, Android’s app numbers extended in the thousands and thousands, while webOS’ numbers will be more from the many thousands. This is a deficit due to the lack of (Read more...)

IPhone vs. Android – Why Dump iPhone for Android?

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When the iPhone first appeared that you can buy, it had been a revolution within the mobile device area. Android took a long time longer to materialize, these days it’s available, some customers are re-evaluating their “love affair” with iPhone. Studying under iPhone’s mistakes, Android might utilize many iPhones features that users find frustrating. The fact is there are numerous reasons why you should dump your iPhone with an Android device.

iPhone’s Less-Than-Perfect Sync Options
Unlike the iPhone, the Android isn’t going to sync while using computer it truly is attached to. One of several iPhone’s pet peeves is its insistence on syncing while using computer it is actually attached to. Innocently plug your iPhone into another woman’s laptop, hit “sync” and see every one of your content disappear.

Google Apps
While iPhone does provide a Gmail interface, that’s where the buck stops, when it comes to Google apps. Obviously, Android goes much more iPhone in its integration while using Google suite. One of these is the address book. Out-of-the-box, Android syncs its contacts that has a Gmail account. This signifies that your contact records live in a location which might be accessed from any location and using various devices. Some Google applications host their data around the Google cloud as opposed to iTunes. This may cause dumping the iPhone for Android especially easy for those using Linux, and struggle to run iTunes.
Multitasking has been one of several iPhone’s worst enemies. Switching between apps requires pushing the dreaded “Home” button, which closes one app and opens another. This kind of gets extremely annoying when reading an (Read more...)

Chrome OS vs. Android 3.0: That can Survive?

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Google says it features a vision into the future of software. And since Google is unquestionably the single most important and innovative computing vendors today, independent developers would flourish to concentrate. Now you ask ,, which vision should we focus on?

The usual story casts Google and Microsoft as polar opposites: Microsoft, the lumbering, old-world behemoth of retail software, and Google, the young, agile champion of cloud computing. In a Google future, Web-based Google Apps would replace traditional office suites, databases, and messaging clients, while cloud storage and services would eliminate the requirement for on-premise data centers.

To this end, Bing is developing Chrome OS, an operating system for netbooks and connected devices which is essentially a browser in a very box. Chrome OS supports no locally installed software, also it uses the cloud because of its primary storage. Developers who wish to write software of these devices will probably be writing Web apps, pure and.

But Chrome OS isn’t the only iron Google has inside the fire. Android 3.0, previewed for a Google demo event now, sees the search giant’s smartphone OS blossoming into some thing closely resembling a general-purpose computing platform — including many features the Chrome OS folks told us we’d will never need. Actually, if developers want to write software “the Google way,” my money’s on Android, not Chrome OS.

Chrome OS: Your Father’s Platform

Plenty of persons have scoffed at Chrome OS before me, however, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with running applications in a very browser. Web apps effectively work for countless enterprises today, and of course for SaaS providers such as (Read more...)

Google to order Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

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Google?just?announced?that must be acquiring?Motorola Mobility?for an estimated $12.5 billion (i.e. $40 per share), in cash to make its biggest acquisition ever. The value represents limited of?63 percent?to the closing expense of Motorola Mobility shares last Friday. The transaction is anticipated to close towards the end of 2011 or early 2012.


Google will achieve portfolio of 17,000 granted patents and another 7,000 pending patents applications globally, such as patent on “the cell phone”. Also, Google has very recently gained ownership on the website name?Android.me


Motorola Mobility will remain a licensee of?Android?and Android will open platform. Google will run Motorola Mobility to be a separate?business. Motorola Mobility is really what used to be the?Mobile?Devices division of Motorola until January 2011. Google also gains a solid foothold inside living room with Motorola’s set-top box business, which may help its lackluster Google TV efforts


A three years ago, Motorola bet its future in the mobile devices market by going full Android.


Here?is the place where HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Lenovo along with other Android device makers reply to good news.


Today, with more than 150 million Android devices have been activated worldwidewith over 550,000 devices now lit up every daythrough a network of approximately 39 manufacturers and 231 carriers in 123 countries, Android has got the largest smartphone share of the market.


Buying Motorola, that includes a good over Four decades of innovation in communications technology and merchandise, may help Google defend Android against?Microsoft,?Apple, and other competitors and supercharge it by (Read more...)

Jobs Claimed Google Attempting Killing Iphone Is Wishful Thinking

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Beijing time January 31, after launching the industrys long expected iPod in news conference, Steve jobs held twnhall meeting of Piece of fruit. According to the foreign media report, Jobs attacked Google and Adobe powerfully inside conference; he elaborated the long wide competitive relation between Apple inc and Google.

Jobs expressed, Piece of fruit wouldn’t get yourself into Search field, but pick the cellphone for the reason that breakthrough of market.

He said, Google is stuffed with ambition, wish to kill iPhone, but Apple won’t let Google achieve. When mentioning Adobe Company, Jobs blamed Adobe Company is too lazy. The company flashs support power to Mac is quite unsatisfactory, available quite a few software defect, computer system courses one of the debate that iPod would not support flash of Adobe company.

Jobs also expressed, Flash often make Mac system breakdown. And nobody would likely to make use of Flash. In the foreseeable future, HTML 5 is definitely the standard of the profession, flash is eliminated is unavoidable.

From it of Jobs gave within the twnhall meeting, related analysts think:

Apple Company should have massive upgrade to iPhone, that produce Google companys Android phones never cannot keep pace with iPhone. iPod will joint hands with iPhone and Mac to become the principle products of Apple mackintosh. Apple thinks plenty of Lalas technical team and Cloud computing connection with music service field, wishes to blend Lala technical team into iTune team via buyout.

The next iPhone will probably be an A+ upgrade version. Besides, blu-ray applications are a horrible mess; Apple Company plans to carry on the research and development to blu-ray software following market opportunity (Read more...)

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