Incomparable Honeycomb Apps: Full Android 3.0 SDK Offering

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Google has just announced the provision with the full SDK (software development kit) for Android 3.0, the tablet-optimized version referred to as “Honeycomb.” The updated SDK Tools component is currently designed for download from?here plus the Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin ishere.

Why is it news so exciting? Since it suggests that the Android 3.0 APIs (application programming interfaces) have become final. Or, another way put, this indicates that Honeycomb-ready Android applications very easily published to the Android Market.

According for the news from the official?Android Developers blog, the production includes updates on the SDK Tools and ADT Plugin for Eclipse, specifically. The highlights listed below are:

UI Builder improvements within the ADT Plugin:
New Palette with categories and rendering previews. (details)More accurate rendering of layouts to more faithfully reflect the layout will appear on devices, including rendering status and title bars to better reflect screen space actually on the market to applications.Selection-sensitive action bars to govern View properties.Zoom improvements (fit to see, persistent scale, keyboard access) (details).Improved support for <merge> layouts, as well as layouts with gesture overlays.Traceview integration for easier profiling from ADT. (details)Tools for utilizing the Renderscript graphics engine: the SDK tools now compiles .rs files into Java Programming Language files and native bytecode.

More home elevators this release can be acquired via the?Android Developers site.

Although you must run Honeycomb on your own device so that you can take advantage of the new Android 3.0 apps, we already have some interesting hacks in existence which might be seeomg (Read more...)

How To Use Your Touch screen phone At Its Full Advantage

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If there exists a technology that human indicates its full capability, it would be the Smartphone’s. The electronics and communication has truly changed at this advancement. Connecting with other people will be easier owing to these gadgets. Perhaps it’s got started out an ordinary touch phone to the do-it-all smartphone.

Did you will understand that you might use your gadget over you have ever thought?

Utility App – It has a large variety of utility apps and also you probably will not miss anything. From power management to calculators, currency converter to submit viewing for.doc.pdf.xls etc. For several years, phone surely could achieve such mobility and computing. For big companies and the android community, developing apps that suites their customer need never stops.

Photography – Yes, you hear me. Camera phones is a hot deal for cellphone lovers nowadays. They have allowed website visitors to point and shoot their cams on one touch. With a great deal of photo enhancement tools designed for your phone. This save this devices on target on photography too.

News and Media – Every one of the latest news and buzz delivered for your phones. Staying updated within the latest news and feeds is a huge demand on mobile industry.

Social Networking – This is crazy. If you want your newly developed device (phone) to select the market put Facebook on there. It is donrrrt necessity on mobile phones. Connecting with other people by using social websites.

Mankind continue its development on mobility and provides answers to everyone’s demands.

Now Pay Close Attention –

Bringing targeted followers for your twitter account and turning them inside cash paying customers is a (Read more...)