Methods for prolong the 4G Android smartphone battery

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Tips for prolong the car battery life of a 4G Android smartphone

I employ a 4G Android smartphone that blows throughout the battery in under a day! Any strategies for extending the battery life?

The Android smartphone platform proceeded to go from an unrefined newcomer to the #1 platform inside a relatively short time. The?most recent Comscore rankings established that Google’s Android?can be used by 41.8% of?smartphone?subscribers while Apple’s iPhone IOS was at 27% and RIM (Blackberry) has slid as a result of 21.7%. (Recently, RIM’s Blackberry was #1, with Apple second and Android 3rd.)

In order to take on the Blackberry & iPhone dynasties, Google and also the handset manufacturers had to create alternatives that have been compelling enough that need considering a method, they will clearly have inked.

Bigger screens, 4G connectivity, built-in hotspots and also a slew of other differences have certainly played a major role in luring users away, nevertheless the tradeoff for those these features could be diminished?battery?if you’re not careful.

It’s vital that you think about how precisely you employ your phone to understand which features aren’t really needed to have running so as to extend the car battery life.

Android device options vary by manufacturer and version from the OS they may have installed, but there are numerous basic battery extension tips that pertain to all smartphones.

The screen brightness is among the biggest battery killers, so you should definitely lower the levels under it is possible to reasonably set it up for your big boost.

Location services are extremely handy, but having the GPS enhance your location just like you navigate around may (Read more...)