5 top Attractive Widgets To Personalize Your Android Phone

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There are so many Android widget can be found available allowing you to modify the look of your respective Android phone. Using these widgets you possibly can make your property screen look how we want. So check out our set of the most popular and the majority useful widgets we experience our Android phone.

1. Clockr

Clockr is just one of my fav widget which displays current time in a readable text format. Even though it is simple in design, it’s packed full of customisation choices to cause it to look exactly the way you would like it to. It is made to be minimalist in looks and as well light on resource usage.

2. SiMi Clock Widget

SiMi Clock Widget is one android app that permits you to display time on the watch’s screen that has a beautiful totally customizable color layer that you picked. The SiMi Clock Widget also comes in three sizes, 31, 41 and 51

? 3. Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful set of Widgets containing clock widget, clock and weather widget, weather widgets, date widgets and toggle widgets with skins/themes support! With more widgets and layouts!

4. Circle Battery Widget

Its a simple little widget, customizable, which displays the residual battery percentage in the form of a circle. The different sizes in the widget are: 11, 21, 12, 22, 33 and 44 (helpful for tablets).

TomTom wasn’t the first app to change your phone in to a de facto gps. However it is most likely the best, and thus is most liable for rendering dedicated route-finders a little obsolete. If this dropped way back in 2010 it had one major, let alone killer, USP. Every one of the maps you’ll need are within the app, so there is no have to download them via 3G. And through a similar token, (Read more...)

Sony has announced its first foray in the popular tablet PC market

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The Japanese electronics maker Sony has announced its first foray in the popular tablet computer market, unveiling two new devices.

Sony has revealed off a couple tablets that could launch later this holiday season. The S1 is little above yet another Honeycomb?iPad Tablet inside of a Sony-designed box, which has a 9.4-inch widescreen display and also a wedge-shaped case.

Way more interesting may be the S2, a clamshell tablet with two 5.5-inch screens. Each section incorporates a rounded back, making it look like a squashed burrito when closed. When open, you can use it for a tablet which has a black stripe along the middle, or each screen can present different content, the same as the dual-screen Nintendo DS consoles.

And the gaming analogy is apt. The tablets will continue to work together with the PlayStation Suite platform, which happens to be Sony’s means of putting PS software onto various devices. We have got our first peek at it around the?PlayStation phoneat the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona trapped on tape. To get more within the gaming areas of the tablets, head over to our sister site?GameLife where Chris Kohler needs a look.

Both tablets will come with Wi-Fi and optionally 3G or 4G, and run Honeycomb. And both tablets will pack infrared lamps to regulate Sony Bravia devices. They’ll also beam music and video to compatible devices from the?DLNA wireless protocol, and that is similar in concept to Apple’s AirPlay.

All in any, these appear to be pretty neat devices, in case you happen to be heavily dedicated to Sony gear. Price and availability both are as yet unannounced, but when you pencil in “expensive” and “later this year” you then won’t go far (Read more...)

New Report : In Europe – Apple and Android phones face tighter laws

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Apple smartphones and others running on Google’s Android system look set to return under tighter regulation in Europe, after an EU data protection advisory panel ruled on Wednesday that location information collected with the devices really should be classed as private data.

This is probably going to mean strict limits about how location data is often collected and stored by smartphone dell vostro 1500 battery?companies, telecoms operators as well as businesses seeking to run location-related services on phones.

Apple is definitely facing questions in the usa, Germany and Columbia over its variety of data that tracked the rough location of iPhone users. The company has blamed this using a software flaw.

Researchers in Germany also found now the fact that the vast majority of Android handsets can be leaking data to hackers, and warned users to protect yourself from utilizing the devices on public WiFi networks. Ulm University research found that it had been “quite easy” for hackers to intercept data from Google’s photo-sharing, calendar and contacts applications. Other Google services including Gmail were also potentially vulnerable.

Google said on Wednesday it was rolling out a fix to handle the safety flaw.

The recent security breaches add urgency to Wednesday’s recommendations from the Article 29 Working Party, a panel of European data protection officials that advises the European Commission. The proposals certainly are a start to formulating a law on cellular phone location data, and can be written into Europe’s revised Data Protection Directive this season.

The working group said: “Since smartphones Dell studio 1555 battery?and tablet computers are inextricably connected (Read more...)