Methods for prolong the 4G Android smartphone battery

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Tips for prolong the car battery life of a 4G Android smartphone

I employ a 4G Android smartphone that blows throughout the battery in under a day! Any strategies for extending the battery life?

The Android smartphone platform proceeded to go from an unrefined newcomer to the #1 platform inside a relatively short time. The?most recent Comscore rankings established that Google’s Android?can be used by 41.8% of?smartphone?subscribers while Apple’s iPhone IOS was at 27% and RIM (Blackberry) has slid as a result of 21.7%. (Recently, RIM’s Blackberry was #1, with Apple second and Android 3rd.)

In order to take on the Blackberry & iPhone dynasties, Google and also the handset manufacturers had to create alternatives that have been compelling enough that need considering a method, they will clearly have inked.

Bigger screens, 4G connectivity, built-in hotspots and also a slew of other differences have certainly played a major role in luring users away, nevertheless the tradeoff for those these features could be diminished?battery?if you’re not careful.

It’s vital that you think about how precisely you employ your phone to understand which features aren’t really needed to have running so as to extend the car battery life.

Android device options vary by manufacturer and version from the OS they may have installed, but there are numerous basic battery extension tips that pertain to all smartphones.

The screen brightness is among the biggest battery killers, so you should definitely lower the levels under it is possible to reasonably set it up for your big boost.

Location services are extremely handy, but having the GPS enhance your location just like you navigate around may (Read more...)

Battery Saving Tricks for Android Cellular phones

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Android based Cellular phones currently aren’t just smart as a result of Operating System but are also filled with features and useful applications. We’re also quite a fan of handsets like Samsung Samsung galaxy s following which we had written a short article on Increasing SamsungGalaxy S Life of the battery and even checking battery usage, which can be great for the vast majority of Android mobile owners.

The Android Phones are full of cool stuff which isn’t possible to simply remove to help make your handset look much better than others, that are listed in the type widgets and background applications. Hence it requirement would even be huge following which you will must either regularly close the setting Data using application settings as well as reduce brightness etc. Here we shall jot down an enormous number of tips and useful hints which will help you in raising the battery life of your respective mobile handset for a longer period.

Manage Wi-Fi :

It’s imperative to look for the Wi-Fi settings as these are crucial. When far from home WiFi network, it is best to disable this setting or else the phone can be continuously find available networks along with status in the event the same are around to access or are locked. This could completely drain down your battery and reduce living, hence either making regular adjustments to your WiFi settings if not completely disabling is mandatory. Look into the Wireless &networks’ within the Cell phones settings and then make changes to your same.

Android Power Widget :

You should install the Android Power Widget to quickly access the settings and after that with one touch you’ll be able to later Enable or Disable the Wi-Fi and also other system (Read more...)

HTC Wildfire – Your Phone on your Style

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Wildfire is voguish HTC handsets for the buyer’s proposed cost. Wadding original features audio notes that you quite often. It would appear that HTC wants, yet it’s an inferior version featuring a functions. Essen is usually a subsidiary fantabulous for children who want to hit a way statement making use of their cell phones. Accessorizing is really a walkover, and the set of revolutionary applications, it is a spectator.

It is cleverly spread dense. It boasts a high definition and features a 3.2 inch touch wide coverage of presentation. The best special is it can love Wildfire highly personalized features. It’s not only at forge your firm stand out, but his speed network causes it to be a fuck mold. Widgets networks including Face book, Twitter and the like boost the attraction.

The high-end handset is filled with a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED shimmering permissive users to kick the special moments. It gives users with an intuitive aquatic experience for users. The trail is arrayed having an accelerometer and built car door circumvolve with sensors to advance the computer monitor average period of ordering. It becomes an excellent media player for diversion on the run. Rigged with 528 MHz CPU processor hurry, running Android HTC Wildfire 2.1 (Flash) with call HTC.

This phone has an innovative hardware while in the framework of 512 MB (ROM) and 384 MB (RAM) which might be stretched to 32 GB. Fire 1300mAh offers 440 minutes (WCDMA) in 490 minutes (GSM) second talk. Advanced version of caller ID, breaking news on the telephone, straightforward to navigate and recommended applications are classified as the other strengths of this model. Beyond your operating mode may be the presentation in the system and choices for (Read more...)

Notable Motorola Bionic Music Apps

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First is DoubleTwist. This handy app is best in their class for Android phones. This application is a in one and it has music, radio as well as video features. This application is free of charge and will work well after you manage music on your own mobile device. The great thing about this app is that it will permit you to access a variety of podcasts.


Soundcloud is yet another great music sharing program. This free music app offers you admission to the Soundcloud site which permits you to browse and upload creations. What Soundcloud does could it be allows users to upload and share their music with other people and it also lets users reply to the other person music. This blog definitely has many new and interesting music by way of a lots of various and unknown artists. Not only does Soundcloud supply you with access to these songs but it also has another useful feature. It possesses a great record function for amazingly easy file sharing which simply kills the other competition. A number of the benefits associated with this feature include the ability to record a beat, lyric and perhaps enable you to save it for at a later date.


The third top music app is Pandora. Pandora is actually a free which is a radio station app created by you. Pandora will automatically have fun playing the music or artist that you choose. Pandora can even present you with more suggestions much like final decision in artist or song that is a fantastic way to discover new music. You, therefore, will give feedback whether you wish or dislike the song suggested. It’s practically your own personal customized radio station. With the music in Pandora, accessories like the Music Hands-free Car Kit or simply a bigger battery definitely come in (Read more...)

DownloadAndroid Releases an Update for Memory Booster – Android RAM Optimizer to hurry your Smartphone

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) Aug 23rd, 2010 – DownloadAndroid (, a major company of mobile software development, adds many new functions in Memory Booster’s technology. Besides its Korean support, Memory Booster version 2.0 added German language support; as well as other functions like Whitelist Manager, registration are greatly improved which satisfy a lot of Android users by recovering memory leak, keeping Android Smartphone running fast and efficiently. And users from US, Korea and Germany are all the more happy with the enhanced features during this latest version.

Memory Booster is made to tackle the difficult & crucial problem of memory management for Android Smartphone users. It may monitor your mobile system in private by freeing resources, enhancing system speed and saving battery life. It will help your Smartphone run at optimum speed by efficiently defragmenting your Smartphone’s memory, recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved application; flushing unused libraries temporarily over to disk and the like. By more or less everything optimization tricks your best applications and games will run faster and efficiently, while inactive and idle process will be terminated with Memory Booster running in the shadows.

Here are a few main popular features of Memory Booster:
.Real-time Smartphone Memory Status Report & Monitor
Memory Booster provides you with professional, easy-to-read status directory your Smartphone’s memory usage. An active chart demonstrates your total available memory and current memory usage. Memory Booster allows you to find out how well your Smartphone is performing, also to check if the body is overloaded.

.Setting Your effort Target
Using Memory (Read more...)

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