Android’s NDK: A blaster kit

March 12, 2014 · Filed Under Apple Ipad · Comment 

Being a source application, Android hasn’t experienced restrictions over development. But like a leader towards Open Handset Alliance, Google devised a path that allowed a native code development, that could enable developers to carry out the code close to the micro-processors of the device. Recently, Google released its NDK 1.6, that is much-hyped as a blaster kit allowing rapid native application development to derive the results.

What is NDK?

The NDK (Native Development Kit) is definitely an adjunct to your Android’s SDK (Software Development Kit), which enables developers to build and execute native machines within application packages. This code adopts exactly the same restrictions because Virtual Machine code, but it surely can embed an enormous number of operations, rapidly. This is usually a kind of ultimate tool to Android app developers simply because it is able to do heavy computations, digitized processes and developers will even port some performance-sensitive servings of their existing applications coded in ARM assembly language C and C++, that may call-out an active Java application through Java interface. Few different types of applications that are inefficient in creating interpreted Java, for instance, a real-time business intelligence sustained by the mobile device, will act as native code. This type of approach through the native code won’t allow the application to slide out of sandbox produced by the Operating-system and specially, the native coded apps can’t be executed through the GUI, directly.

NDK 1.6 , Exactly what has?

It’s a superb news for Android app developers, that a new improvements are already introduced within the recent NDK 1.6. As affecting the Android’s official (Read more...)