Much like its bigger brother the Xperia X10 the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro comes with a Android computer itself onboard!

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Just like its bigger brother the Xperia X10 and X10 Mini sibling the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro posseses an Android computer onboard; the phone carries a photographic camera and advantages from the full QWERTY keyboard which has been attached with a reliable slider mechanism for messaging support. The phones 2.5 inch QVGA touch sensitive display is rather responsive and appears very bright. With Wi Fi, 3G, WisePilot and GPS the cell phone is well connected cover up navigation in no time.

The phone provides the same cute appeal and playability because regular X10 Mini, it is simply 7mm taller and 1mm thicker personal computer Mini twin, besides an added QWERTY keyboard. It is roughly 1oz heavier with battery, but the weight difference isn’t that noticeable, it comes in black, red and pearl white possesses concentrated on the young messaging crowd. The X10 Mini Pro doesn’t lack any charm of its own, its bright screen looks fantastic framed using its glitzy glass frame.

The X10 Mini Pro offers the same slice of the TimeScape pie for the reason that X10 Mini, again the tweaked version of the UI seems to translate well in to the smaller handset as well as the same online community services are provided with Facebook and Twitter integration, full management is quite possible to find out a relentless stream of status updates, tweets and emails displayed in a clear to understand flow. Also with e-mail support pre-installed the X10 Mini Pro provides the full messaging package, IM and SMS are obviously provided and typing is made easy with all the QWERTY keyboard to use.

The 5 mega-pixel camera is incredibly effective at capturing those special moments for instant upload for a personal networks. It can shoot video in high res sufficient reason for YouTube integration they might be easily distributed to the globe. Your camera posseses an integrated flash and auto-focus for optimised shooting as there are geo-tagging to get more image information like location, the gallery is on the market from your main screen, it lets you scroll using your photos by gliding your finger using your collection, there’s also a number of image editing tools for laughs.

Sony Ericsson have gifted the X10 Mini Pro with the same awesome media player all there collection has, it may easily play several different car stereo files like mp3, mp4, wav and wma, the quality of sound as with several of there new Android devices is ideal plus the video quality is crisp and clear. The cell phone comes with a expandable memory with microSD cards nearly 16GB manageable. There exists a USB port for PC synch and Bluetooth technology for wireless file transfer.

With the phones Android platform lots of Google perks are pre-installed, Google Maps is added too for navigation, Search engine consistantly improves mix to back up the online world browser and YouTube for self-evident reasons, in addition to these plus more comes Google’s response to an app store; the Android Market; it provides you with countless additional applications to raise your software in making the unit serve as you wish, coupled with these apps comes themes, wallpapers and games too.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is not just a mouthful to get out but an excellent compact messaging tool too! It’s got entertainment sorted and connectivity which consists of broadband web connections, the phone has a natural appeal regarding it and this same grab and play desirability the X10 Mini has.


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