5 Strategies to Detect A Stealth Android GPS App

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If you’re worried that a person will often have installed a stealth?Android GPS app in your cell phone, you are able to detect it. ?Even though you won’t know for sure, possibly the following things affecting you and/or your Android phone, it could actually mean someone is secretly tracking you using a stealth Android GPS app.

Here are 5 stealth Android tracking app warnings signs.

1) Anyone recently borrow your phone? In order that that you get a stealth Android GPS app, sometimes referred to as Android spy phone software, on your cell, they’ll need to have physical entry to your phone. ?This is because installing a stealth Android GPS app mandates that those utilize the phone’s web browser to download the app. ?Without physical access, there isn’t any way someone can install a stealth Android GPS app. ?If a person has recently asked to “borrow” your phone, there is the opportunity that although they were in your phone, they were put in a stealth Android GPS app.

2) Look at the Bill. To ensure that stealth Android GPS tracking apps to report where you are, they should be make use of your data connection to upload the logs. ?What this means is unless you usually takes place data link with download apps or look into the internet, causing all of the sudden the truth is a spike in your bill in data traffic fees (including GPRS), then this can be another indication someone probably have installed a stealth Android GPS app.

3) Be cautious about Icons. You may notice various connection icons appearing on the phone, especially any connection icons, and you really are not utilizing your phone for anything, then this is yet another danger signal you could possibly employ a tracking app installed.

4) Banned Or Performance Problems? Sometimes stealth Android tracking software apps will cause performance and turned off issues. ?Because they run in the shadows, turning off your phone or doing things like sending a word, might set out to seem very slow. If out of the blue you start to get performance issues or shutdown problems, then this can be a clear sign someone has installed a stealth Android GPS app.

5) Battery Drain? Because Android GPS apps continuously report your location, you will see a little (or even in may sometimes very big) reducing of how much time your battery lasts. The majority of us know about how much time our phone’s should last using a single charge. If all of the sudden you’ll see a big change in the time your phone’s battery is lasting, this is one more signal that you could use a stealth Android GPS app running in private.

If the thing is that any of the stealth Android GPS app symptoms, then I suggest you reformat your phone and complete a fresh install on the latest Android OS. ?Also you can take your phone on your service center and tell them you think someone has installed a stealth Android GPS app, so you desire them to reinstall the OS. ?Doing a fresh install would be the Best being completely certain that your phone lacks a stealth Android GPS app installed that is secretly tracking every single move.



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